Green House

Green House: A curated collection of fresh florals, plants and nature inspired gifts
A pop-up concept brought to you by Beach Plum Floral Design.
“Grow your Roots”

What we’re all about:
Green House, a pop-up concept from the award winning Beach Plum Floral will open doors this holiday season at the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham. The boutique will be an embodiment of everything we love including flowers, plants, a fun inventory of floral + nature inspired merchandise and gifts, plus a collaborative workshop space. Each and every aspect of the store will be motivated by a true passion for connecting humans to the nature that surrounds them.

Our Passion:
We see nature as the Earth’s purest form of beauty. Everything we carry and create in Green House is a reflection of our deeply rooted love for natural growing things. We strive to show people that there is so much beauty to be appreciated in the world by using flowers and nature inspired products to connect us to the Earth.

One of our biggest goals in the industry is to consistently work towards being an eco-friendly, sustainable business. Here at Green House, the Earth is a top priority, which is why we’ve chosen to use 100% eco-friendly line of paper and packaging products for purchases and bouquets. We truly believe in having a low-waste environment which is why we take great care in recycling all applicable products and composting all used florals.


What do we offer?

When you walk into Green House we want you to feel engulfed and inspired by the beauty of florals and nature. Our curated collection of gifts  is inspired by a deep love and appreciation for all things growing. Floral infused candles, soaps and other apothecary products as well as books and other nature inspired merchandise. Clothing, bags and home and garden gifts will lend something for everyone. All of our merchandise was hand-selected by owner Jill and is sourced within the US from other creatives.

Floral Arrangements
What better way to make someone’s day than with a beautiful handcrafted floral arrangement. Green House offers two signature arrangements available for purchase daily in our store. Thanks to our team of talented designers on staff, customers can come in and choose from two signature styled arrangements, the Martha and the Maddi, and leave with a beautiful handcrafted design to personally enjoy or give to a loved one. We also provide local delivery on Thursdays.

Build Your Own Bouquet Bar
As people deeply motivated by design and expression through flowers, we truly believe that everyone holds the ability to create in their own special way. We want to put the tools in your hands to build your own bouquet and feel the joy of creating something uniquely beautiful. No single stem is alike, and no bouquet is alike. Come visit our handcrafted ‘bouquet bar’ and choose from a unique variety of blooms and foliage to make your very own customized bouquet. We welcome you to come express yourself through flowers and show us your creations!

What would knowledge be if you couldn’t share it with others? And we want to share our knowledge with you! It is such a rewarding and humbling experience to be in an industry where we are constantly surrounded by talented individuals with highly unique skill-sets. This has inspired us to bring the knowledge to you! Green House will feature continuous workshops every week from November through January instructed by some of the most talented local artisans and vendors on the South Shore. What a better opportunity to try your hand at a slew of different things such as making your own Christmas centerpiece or writing calligraphy! All of the featured workshops will be unique opportunities to learn a new craft in a warm and friendly environment surrounded by people eager to learn! Check out our schedule of events to see what we have in store!

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