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Derby Street Sweat: BarrePOWER with Barre by Jenn

Wed, June 9 | 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Meet Jenn Maturo- barre instructor and founder of barrebyjenn barreTONE classes. Jenn received her barre certification training under the best of the best at North End yoga and you can now find her toning and lengthening thighs, sculpting and lifting booties all over the south shore and Boston. Jenn is known for her tough but effective full body and targeted muscle groups  barreTONE  classes and  sweat dripping cardio barre workouts. “I try and push my clients past their limits, it doesn’t matter if its your first or 300th barre class, it should always be difficult, you can always take it one inch deeper, lower, and tighter.”