Derby Street SWEAT

Apr 11 / Events

Your favorite outdoor fitness series is back.

It’s SWEAT season! Back by popular demand, Derby Street SWEAT is returning to The Green. Beginning Monday, May 2nd, you can get your sweat on in the fresh air. We’ve partnered with your favorite South Shore instructors & studios, along with VOLO Sports, to bring you barre & strength, yoga, bodyweight boot camp, and a brand new Bocce League. 

All classes will take place on the Derby Street Green, located between REI and Kohl’s. Participants must purchase and register for classes in advance. Instructions for doing so for each class can be found below in the partners and class descriptions section.

We’ll see you on The Green!  



  • 7:00am – Rev’d Resist (45 mins)


  • 8:00am – Rev’d Bodyweight Bootcamp (45 mins) 


  • 6:30-8:30pm – VOLO Sports Bocce League (weekly, 7/21 – 9/1). 


  • 9:30am: Bounce & Pulse with Barre by Jenn (60 mins)


  • 10:00am – Vinyasa Yoga with Anna Paiva (60 mins)

*To reserve a spot in any of the above, you must purchase and register in advance. See below for sign-up instructions.



Meet Jenn Maturo- barre instructor and founder of barrebyjenn and pulse studio. Jenn received her barre certification training under the best of the best at North End yoga and you can now find her toning and lengthening thighs, sculpting, and lifting booties right here at Derby Street at Pulse Studio. Jenn is known for her tough but effective full-body barre classes and sweat dripping bounce & pulse workouts. “I try and push my clients past their limits, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first or 300th barre class, it should always be difficult, you can always take it one inch deeper, lower, and tighter”. Enjoy Bounce & Pulse, a circuit-style class with Jenn teaching on barre and Natalie on  trampoline, every Monday and Friday.  To view the schedule, sign up and purchase classes, please click here.

Rev’d Resist 

Rev’d Resist is a full-body resistance band experience set to the beat of the music for all fitness levels. Each session, led by experienced Rev’d trainers, will engage your muscles through effective and targeted toning. Please bring your own mat. To sign up and purchase classes, please click here.

Rev’d Bodyweight Bootcamp

This 45-minute session features no equipment and is a balanced combination of strength training and conditioning work, led by Rev’d trainers. Please bring your own mat. To sign up and purchase classes, please click here. 

VOLO Sports Summer Bocce League 

Looking for a laid-back social sport to play with your friends and make new ones? Look no further than VOLO’s first-ever South Shore area Bocce League! Gather your friends or join on your own for Bocce every Thursday evening on The Green, followed by post-game food and drinks at Burton’s Grill. For details and to sign-up, click here.

Anna Paiva, Vinyasa Flow

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, Anna tried her first yoga class here at USA and immediately had the feeling that something inside of her had changed. Yoga found its way to her soul and she wanted to share it with the world. Prepare to sweat, work, and have fun on your mat! Start your week with much energy during her 1 hour Vinyasa Yoga class every Sunday morning. All levels are welcome. Please bring your own mat and water. To sign up and purchase classes, please click here.