Vineyard Vines – Crew Lead (Part Time Manager)

Jul 26  |  Vineyard Vines

Who they are

In 1998, they were stuck behind desk jobs they didn’t like…and they were miserable. So they quit. They tossed out business suits for bathing suits, got their wisdom teeth pulled while they still had coverage and signed up for every credit card they could. On the same day, within ten minutes of each other they walked out of their jobs, grabbed a drink and started chasing the American Dream. Twenty years in and some things have changed, but they’re the same at their core. They’re still having a ton of fun, hanging with Real Good People, and sharing the gift of the Vineyard with everyone they can.

Who you are

They are looking for those charismatic, high energy individuals who want to bring the “Everyday should feel this good” vibe to life on the sales floor. From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll slip into the good life mentality and effectively coach, train and develop the team into being the ultimate Brand Ambassadors. With a focus on community, you’ll be able to identify opportunities as they arise within and outside your four walls. You’ll work side by side with the management team in ensuring each customer interaction is unique and perfectly tailored to their needs. While in this role, you’ll get the opportunity to support store leadership in different strategic managerial tasks that it takes to successfully run one of our retail locations. In hopes that you will continue to grow within the organization, this role is designed to leverage you leadership skills while continuing to develop, teach and harness your potential as a good life guide.

What you’ll do

  • Generate sales to support the store in meeting/exceeding store financial goals by creating memorable, lasting impressions with customers
  • “Host the party” while effectively communicating vineyard vines core values to customers through their team
  • Regularly exemplifies the values of: Passion, Service, Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork and Fun
  • Execute the fundamentals of “door to floor” concept through receiving of shipment to execution of setting the floor with new inventory
  • Focus on people development and training. Providing on-going and consistent training with current and new Crew around product, presentation and process through coaching in the moment and on-boarding
  • Responsible for opening and closing the store
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